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At Subway, we take great pride in our bread leadership, and that leadership goes back to 1984 when we first introduced in-store baking. Once again, we’re pleased to lead the way in the quick service industry, this time with the removal of Azodicarbonamide. Azodicarbonamide is used in most bread and by most brands, but removing it has long been part of our bread improvement program. At Subway, we are always improving, and we’ll be making even more bread improvements in the years to come. For example, here are some of our recent bread improvements.

o 2014—51% whole grains now used in our 9-Grain Wheat bread
(100% of the daily Whole Grain requirement per Footlong)
o 2013— Azo-free bread introduced (Azodicarbonamide removed), with 100% conversion
by April, 2014
o 2012— Sodium content was reduced by 29% for 9-Grain Wheat bread and 42% for
Italian bread
o 2011— Removed high fructose corn syrup from our 9-Grain Wheat bread
(There is no HFCS in the Italian bread)
o 2011— Fortified our U.S. bread with Vitamin D and Calcium
o 2009— Improved Wheat bread by converting to 9-Grain Wheat bread
o 2008— Introduced Azo-free flatbread
o 2008— Removed artificial trans-fats
o 2007— Increased fiber content in wheat bread