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Subway® restaurants maintain number 1 spot as top global franchise


According to Franchise Direct, the annual Top 100 Global Franchises list ranks the best franchises from
around the globe: “This definitive and exclusive list details the franchises which are performing best on
an international level. These findings were reached using an objective, detailed methodology that
considered a host of factors including financial performance and corporate citizenship.”
Along with looking at system size, revenue, stability, growth, years in operation and market expansion,
the Franchise Direct criterion also includes best practices in the area of franchisee support and training;
environmental policies; and social responsibility.
“The SUBWAY® brand works hard to make it easy for entrepreneurs worldwide to open and operate
their own business through our franchise model,” said Don Fertman, the Chief Development Officer for
the SUBWAY® brand. “We provide initial and ongoing training for our franchisees, regional, and country
offices to provide support. We are equally proud that we provide choice on our menus, including a
number of healthier options, and have taken steps to be more environmentally responsible with our
In 2013, the SUBWAY® brand opened 2,700 new locations worldwide, providing about 27,000 new jobs
through the brand’s franchisees. Of those new locations opened, 1,806 were in International markets.
Don said that the brand expects to open at least another 3,000 new locations this year as well, with
most located outside the United States.
The brand reached a number of milestones in 2013, including: opening the 40,000 location worldwide;
reached the 4,000 restaurant milestone in Europe; the 500th location in the Middle East; 3,000 locations
in both Canada and Latin America; and the 4,000th location in convenience stores.
The brand also surpassed the 9,000 non-traditional restaurant mark in 2013. The 832 non-traditional
openings in 2013 included: 312 new openings in C-stores and gas stations; 84 new openings in Wal-Marts, including a location in the retail giant’s Bentonville, Arizona, headquarters; 74 new openings in
colleges or universities, including RMIT Vietnam University in Ho Chi Minh City, University of Calgary in
Canada and New York University; and 32 new openings in airports, including International Airports in
China, Australia, Canada and Mexico. New SUBWAY® restaurants also opened in three Florida YMCA’s in
2013; in Boca Raton, Jacksonville and Boynton Beach.
About Franchise Direct
Franchise Direct, founded in 1999, is one of the world's leading portals for franchise and business
opportunities. Its website network consists of ten multilingual sites targeting North America, Mexico,
Europe and South Africa.
Through its extensive website network, Franchise Direct allows highly effective, targeted exposure by
franchisors to prospective franchisees worldwide. Every effort is made to assist franchisors to link up
with suitable investors, while they in turn are presented with a range of services to help them find the
right franchise, including advice and information about the benefits of franchising as a means to starting
a business or expanding an existing business.
About SUBWAY® restaurants
Since 1965, SUBWAY® owners have been devoted to offering customers customized made to order
sandwiches with a wide range of better-for-you options. Providing easy access to vegetables, detailed
nutrition, dietary, and healthy lifestyle information has been a priority for the SUBWAY® chain for many
years, earning the American Heart Association’s Heart Check Meal Certification in 2012 for many Fresh
Fit™ meal options. As the world's largest restaurant chain, thousands of dedicated entrepreneurs have
the opportunity to run their own business, while playing an important role in their communities. To
learn more information about us, visit, like us on Facebook and follow us on SUBWAY® is a
registered trademark of Doctor's Associates Inc.